120 tablets of 500mg each pure spirulina, free of excipients

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20 sachets of pure spirulina, free of excipients


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Nourished by geothermal springs and the radiant Greek sun, this great superfood offers wonderful health benefits to all.

The new staple in kitchens for young and old, spirulina is more than just another headline health supplement.

Spirulina, a blue-green algae, is a nutrient packed powerhouse containing all eight essential amino acids along with ten of the twelve non-essential amino acids, beta-carotene, zinc, iron and gamma-linoleic acid. A combination of health benefits that exists in few other foods. It’s also naturally low in salt and fat.

Suitable for the whole family, spirulina can be consumed in tablet form by adults or by portion with our 3g powder sachets. Effortlessly sprinkle your spirulina into meals and drinks allowing the whole family to enjoy the wondrous benefits of nature’s greatest miracle food.

Your choice to purchase Healenic spirulina is very much valued and comes with our promise to continually adhere to the highest quality and purity standards giving you all of the natural benefits of this supplement without any of the toxins that so easily contaminate other brands.

Unlike other health supplement brands, we do not purchase and resell products from a third party manufacturer. Healenic Spirulina is grown with the purest of waters, free from heavy metals and toxins with the greatest care and attention to the health of our customers.

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