A super standard of spirulina

The increasing popularity of food supplements and superfoods means that the demand for spirulina has never been higher. Healenic was set up to provide customers with a source of pure, carefully grown spirulina, produced to the highest of standards.

Healenic uses natural, ecological methods of cultivation, growing our spirulina in the natural geothermal pools of the Serres region of Greece. Combine this with the abundant and reliable Greek sun and you have the perfect conditions to produce the best spirulina on the market.

Unlike Spirulina grown in the Far East, we are subject to strict European growing standards. Our careful cultivation methods produce spirulina that is naturally resistant to contamination by heavy metals. This is especially important for our health conscious customers, as a build-up of heavy metals in the body over time can actually do more harm than good.

Grown in Greece under strict controls

Spirulina requires sunshine and a reliable, consistent temperature in order to grow; and because it cannot be cultivated indoors, it is often challenging to find a pollution free environment. Our pioneering and ecologically oriented production unit spans ten thousand square metres in Northern Greece.

We do not use any herbicides, pesticides, preservatives or genetically modified microorganisms in the production of Healenic spirulina. And because our unit is situated in the middle of a Kermes Oak forest, we can be sure that there is no chance of contamination from pesticides used on other nearby crops.

Regular water testing ensures that our expert team are on constant alert for any bioaccumulation of heavy metals within the developing algae. Our pools of alkaline water are inspected daily and tested twice a week to check PH levels and detect any build-up of heavy metals or toxic amino acids.

It’s important to us that our customers have total confidence and trust in the quality of Healenic’s products. For this reason we’re pleased to welcome independent and external verification of our production methods. Our stringent quality controls have enabled us to attain independent ISO certification.