Just 1 kg of Spirulina contains the same nutrients found in approximately 1,000 kgs of assorted vegetables! No wonder this superfood is such a useful supplement to our busy, hard working lives.

Adding Healenic spirulina to your and your family’s diet can help you all maintain and protect your health from within. Spirulina is especially useful if you are vegan or vegetarian and looking for a fast, no hassle way of boosting your nutritional levels.

Gaining its name from the Latin word for ‘helix’ or ‘spiral’ because of its spring-like appearance under a microscope, spirulina is one of the oldest life forms on earth. Consisting of two species of cyanobacteria – Arthrospira platensis and Arthrospira maxima – these tiny organisms use the light, warmth and water of Healenic’s production region in Greece to produce a life supporting blend of vitamins, complete vegetable proteins and amino acids, carbohydrates and other essential nutrients.


Spirulina is easy to digest and highly absorbable. It’s also a potent source of chlorophyll, containing 17 different beta carotenoids (antioxidants which are thought to help protect our bodies against cancer and heart disease) which make it a detoxifying powerhouse.

It’s also great for your skin. Spirulina’s high levels of chlorophyll help to give you healthy glowing skin, whilst gamma-linoleic acids act as an anti-inflammatory, making it a great supplement for skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and acne.

Scientists are even investigating how Spirulina can help our bodies fight infection, protect our digestion and even play a role as a non-surgical alternative to fight liver disease and oral cancers.

Just a few of the beneficial effects of spirulina include:

  • Increased energy and stamina;
  • Improved immune system;
  • Improved concentration and alertness;
  • Antioxidant protection;
  • Healthy skin;
  • Improved sporting performance; and
  • Boosted iron levels.



Our confidential Health Questionnaire is designed to help you gain the maximum benefits from Healenic spirulina products. We kindly ask potential customers to complete this and upon its receipt, we use your answers to provide you with tailored and personal instructions regarding daily intake and use of our spirulina. All data will be stored confidentially in accordance with the Data Protection Act.